Our Mission

Our Name literally describes our Philosophy and Mission

Easy: In the past, energy was for specialists only. In the future, many more players will participate in the energy system. They need to understand how it works and how they can benefit to play an active and positive role in the transition. Easy Smart Grid is about making it easy to understand Smart Grid for everybody.

Smart: Smartness means creating maximum benefit with minimum investment and effort. It is about being ready for the future while having a solid foundation in the past. Smartness also means to take precautions against risks: ensuring a system will work whatever may go wrong. Easy Smart Grid is about using the best and most suitable technologies available to achieve our common goal: a climate friendly energy system.

Grid: Energy is more than electricity. Easy Smart Grid focuses on electricity because the growing use of sunshine and wind for electricity generation drives the energy revolution. We know that electricity interacts with other grids: heat, water, traffic, communication. So we make it easy for all to interact with each other.

Mission: Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate the energy system transformation by applying our knowledge and vision to the business of our partners.