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Easy Smart Grid provides a solid Platform for all Energy Players

Historically, only energy had a value in the “Energy Only Market”, flexibility did not. Grid participants (such as renewable energy producers) that needed or could offer (like flexible consumers or battery owners) flexibility, mostly had no help to find their counterparts in the existing market and grid, and make mutually attractive agreements with them. While more investment into flexibility would be needed, there still is no attractive business model. Easy Smart Grid leverages all flexibility in the grid. The commercial relationship between suppliers and consumers is based on a fair and transparent energy price that reflects the constraints and added value of all actors in the market (volatility, comfort, productivity, energy cost, flexibility and control).

Easy Smart Grid proposes an effective and efficient solution:

  • Low investment in ICT (some investment required for decentral controllers and energy meters, but not for an extra communication network, grid instrumentation and aggregation) and therefore low transaction cost
  • High robustness and security (protection of privacy, resilient against component failure and no open door for hackers)
  • Trading platform for flexibility of all sizes, forms and with wide time span (from seconds - primary control - to days ahead)
  • Maximum mobilization of customer flexibility allows higher renewable energy share or lower battery cost
  • Future proof (designed for 100% renewable driven grids)
  • Lower total energy cost in early markets where renewables are already cheaper than fossils