Our Offer

We support your successful transition to a renewable, decentral and digitized energy system

The change from fossils to renewables as the main energy source creates two challenges. Easy Smart Grid develops practical solutions to master them:

  • Energy storage

    • Sun and wind cannot be influenced, so PV and wind generation is volatile.
    • Energy must be stored to supply customers when they need energy.
    • How can storage cost in renewable energy systems be minimized?

  • Energy management

    • Energy management only involved few actors, mainly power plants.
    • Consumers now become active players in the new energy world.
    • How can the new energy system be managed, and
    • What information and communication technology (ICT) is needed?

Easy Smart Grid develops ICT to provide the performance at mimimum storage and ICT cost.

A "white paper" describes how islands and isolated grids can reduce energy cost today