Cheaper Energy

Generation parity with fossils is already there in some markets, and is expanding

Where renewables are already cheaper than their fossil predecessors, transformation of production does not depend on subsidies or political support. Many wind and photovoltaic (PV) projects replace former diesel electricity generation. Often, production cost per energy unit is reduced by a factor of two or more. Clearly, more renewables means cheaper energy here.

In this new market, existing solutions do not yet use the insights of Smart Grid 1.0 or even 2.0, but are limited to better coordination of production and addition of batteries for more flexibility. Resulting system costs severely limit the renewable share that can be economically used to well below 50%. Making decentral generation and consumption more flexible in these grids will lead to faster system conversion and substantial generation cost savings.

Easy Smart Grid has done substantial work on how to develop those traditional systems by integrating demand side flexibility and how to migrate such grids. A summary can be found in in the library as "White Paper: Diesel Migration" of 21/01/2015:

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