Easy Smart Grid is growing!

Easy Smart Grid looks for talents!

Who we are:

Easy Smart Grid was founded in Karlsruhe/Germany in 2014 with a clear vision: An energy system dominated by renewable sources. Our mission is to supply the missing puzzle piece - a real time information and communication technology with unmatched price/performance ratio to make the energy transformation simple and affordable.

What you can expect:

Each team member is important in our ambitious start-up to successfully master one of the most important challenges of today - energy system transformation. To maximize your contribution, you will work with experts in fields such as renewable energy, electric grids and energy storage, algorithms and architectures, as well as engineering and industrial processes.

A start-up in a changing industry means a stimulating, demanding and rewarding environment that helps you grow quickly. Your direct work with business partners and colleagues ensures visibility and feedback. You can quickly take responsibility make an impact. In addition to the salary package, the company is prepared to reward employee's contribution to growth and success.  

Ready to work in an innovative start-up? Then send your application including position and CV to mail(at)


We work on state-of-the art innovations and in different technology areas. This gives great opportunities for

  • Thesis projects (Bachelor, Master, Diploma)
  • Holiday or part time work

for students in engineering, physics and software. Opportunities include artificial intelligence and advanced control, process modelling, hardware/software development and testing, and marketing/customer oriented projects.

We prefer candidates with a mix of interdiciplinary and specialised knowledge over pure generalists or pure specialists, and believe your motivation can more than compensate lack of experience.

Due to fast changes in our project needs and our interest in your ideas, we suggest to discuss concrete project opportunities with interesting applicants directly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Working student | Master Thesis - Embedded Systems Engineering (m/w)

We are looking for talented programmers with practical experience in control technology to implement our Smart Grid technology. You can write your Master Thesis as a working student within the scope of international research projects.


  • Further development of algorithms for decentralized energy management
  • Programming and communicative integration of controllers in application systems
  • Development of smart meters for decentralized energy management
  • Optimization of prediction algorithms for grid condition and energy demand
  • Development of monitoring and user interfaces for embedded controllers
  • Installation of measuring and communication systems for the transmission of grid states values


  • You study a technical discipline, e.g. computer science, electrical engineering, or similar.
  • A good overview of industrial microcontrollers and SPS (PLC) with experience in software documentation and practical implementation in real systems.
  • Good knowledge and first practical experience with relevant programming languages, Ethernet and fieldbus systems as well as electrical measuring and control cabinet technology.
  • Interest in technical tasks and practical skills
  • Analytical thinking, structured approach
  • Independent work with reliable coordination
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn new things


  • Working in Karlsruhe or Constance with flexible working time
  • An innovative working environment with the latest technologies
  • Working in a motivated team with a flat hierarchy
  • An interesting network of successful companies and projects
  • The opportunity to quickly take on interesting tasks and develop yourself further


Master thesis/Internship – Video Designer at Easy Smart Grid


The transformation of our energy system with large fossil-fuel power plants to a decentralized renewable energy landscape requires new, intelligent solutions to guarantee security of supply and limit storage costs.

Easy Smart Grid develops smart grid technology that can integrate more renewable energy. It creates a market platform where energy producers and consumers can exchange energy and flexibility. Devices adapt their consumption automatically to the times when there is more renewable energy.

Easy Smart Grid promises a simple, robust and affordable solution to achieve the energy transition.


Work content and goals

You will be responsible to inspire us, and make the greatest video to achieve our vision.

  • Work closely with the marketing responsible to develop concepts, create the storyboard, recording and developing the video.
  • Organise and oversee shootings for the production of video content
  • Generate ideas that fit with our marketing strategies and that will appeal to and inspire our audience.

If you are also an expert in Video Design, we would like to meet you.

Working student - Content Manager at Easy Smart Grid

We are looking for talented content manager with some knowledge in energy, to make the world aware of our Smart Grid technology.


  • You will be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining content in our communication channels (Website, social media) to achieve our business goals.
  • Your duties will also include sharing content to raise brand awareness and monitoring web traffic and metrics to identify best practices.
  • If you are also an expert in content optimization, we would like to meet you.


  • Strong interest in marketing, social media manager and innovation.
  • Previous knowledge in the fields of energy economics is also helpful..

Working student | Master Thesis - Development of decentral DSM algorithms, applied stochastic optimization in cooperation with KIT

Easy Smart Grid (ESG) is a start-up in Karlsruhe developing disruptive technology to coordinate supply and demand in electric grids with a local energy market (LEM). By massively cutting the cost of information and communication technology, it allows full use of Demand Side Management (DSM) potential. By integrating flexibility of even the smallest decentral generators, consumers and storage devices, a maximum amount of volatile energy (photovoltaic, wind) can be integrated at minimum storage cost. ESG technology allows market balancing within seconds, thus creates a real time market that can complement or replace previously existing trading and flexibility segments (such as Day Ahead/Intra Day or Control Power markets).


  • In our LEM, energy prices vary every second (dynamic tariffs) reflecting the balance of generation and con-sumption: any imbalance leads to a price update that reflects the instantaneous balance price. The benefit of such a system is twofold:• For energy end-customers: reduced electricity bill for flexible customers. • For the energy system: more RE can be integrated as demand adapts to generation


  • An algorithm defines the operation of (e.g. household) appliances that have an inexact energy consumption cycle. The algorithms optimize the consumption behaviour of different devices (e.g. water heaters, washing machines, freezers, electric vehicles) in an environment with uncertainties (both on future energy prices and to owner behaviour impact on energy consumption). As the algorithm must be implemented in hardware with limited capacity (e.g. micro controllers of a washing machine), there should be a focus on implementation effi-ciency.


  • The student should implement the algorithm described, analysing different optimisation strategies and com-pare them with respect to expected performance and implementation effort. The algorithm will be implemented for selected devices in a simulation already available. If desired, the master thesis can be complemented by (paid) working student activities on further development for concrete controllers as part of an ongoing R&E project.