2nd European Island Forum in Lanzarote


Organised by the “Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative” secretariat, and co-hosted by the Government of the Canary Islands, the forum was initiated to help islands in their transition to clean energy, to exchange and showcase on their initiatives and best practices.

Islands have unique transformation opportunities due to the quick and high savings on generation cost that are realized when renewables replace fossils. Demand flexibility in combination with dynamic end customer tariffs – the central feature of a future oriented market design – drastically reduces energy storage capacity and its cost. As one example, the water system - which counts for 25% of total electricity use in Lanzarote - can provide a high amount of flexibility to the energy system.

Easy Smart Grid refreshed and expanded its network of potential partners there: These soon will need a technology to maximize the performance, and minimize system cost, as island grids move beyond the ~25% RE share feasible with today’s traditional approaches.

Our brochure for download gives more details on how our solution supports islands on their way to the 100% renewables vision.

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