Climate Change Evening event at CDU in Remchingen


CO2 reduction is no longer only discussed by the “greens”, but has become a major issue for the newly elected local council of Remchingen, a community with nearly 12,000 citizens in the South-West of Germany. The community association of the Christian-Democratic Union invited our solution manager Stefan Werner to present our Demo project and explain how Easy Smart Grid solutions can help this community reduce its CO2 emissions.

The approach is simple: Electricity generated locally from sun, wind or CHPs is used by heat pumps, household appliances or car charging stations when it is available. This reduces the need for battery storage, allows installing more RE resources, and achieves a more favorable electricity tariff.

This event showed impressively that interest for smarter and more efficient technologies is moving from science to the general public, and not only in large cities, but also more rural communities like Remchingen.

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