Demo Project "Solar" - Easy Smart Grid on a large scale


On May 2nd, 2018, Helmfried Meinel (2. from right), director at the ministry for the environment of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg in Stuttgart (Germany), handed out the funding contract for the demonstration project "SoLAR". In SoLAR a real estate in Allensbach/Lake Constance, consisting of 8 buildings with 22 accommodation units built on a common basement garage, will be equipped with Easy Smart Grid technology. Heat pumps, a CHP plant, electric vehicle charging and showcase household appliances will be intelligently controlled to balance the natural volatility of renewable generation from wind and sun. By avoiding the use of batteries and central control, the cost of transforming the energy system is substantially reduced. The project partners of this three-year project are (from left) Prof. Karl (EIFER, Karlsruhe), Mr. Werner (Local Agenda 21, Allensbach, and Easy Smart Grid, Karlsruhe), Dr. Peter (ISC, Konstanz), Dr. Kremers (EIFER, Karlsruhe) and Mr. Reinhardt (Radolfzell Public Services). At the right Dr. Walter from Easy Smart Grid in Karlsruhe, supplier of the technology to be implemented for the first time in Germany. Not on the picture is Mr. Kaufmann, general manager of Kaufmann Bau GmbH, which will build the site. Please read the press release of the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Wurttemberg here (German).

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