First phase of project SoLAR successfully completed


Feasibility has been simulated, evaluated and confirmed. Project team and Easy Smart Grid ready for implementation on demonstration site.

The SoLAR project includes 22 households in a re-developed area in Allensbach on Lake Constance/Germany. A local energy community is implemented where Easy Smart Grid technology will co-ordinate PV generation, heat pumps, a CHP plant, electric vehicle chargers and household appliances. Temporal flexibility of these devices allows them to adapt to the availability of locally generated solar electricity and thus optimize its use. The objectives of this project are to demonstrate substantially reduced storage cost, the benefits of our coordination technology, and thus a practical way to reduce carbon footprint.

In the period from May 2018 to April 2019, detailed planning and simulation was done. Integration and pre-tests of the components were discussed with their suppliers and the project developer. Simulation confirmed that Easy Smart Grid enabled decentral control substantially increases own consumption and reduces grid load. With self-generated electricity being cheaper than grid electricity, and lower grid fees caused by lower grid load, total savings on energy cost more than justify the additional smart technology.

In the second phase planned to start soon, the flexibility of household appliances and car charges will also be analyzed and the full system installed. In addition to this technical work, economic models including dynamic end customer tariffs and adaptations needed to replicate this model will be addressed.

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