Lunch Talk at IEA Paris


Renewables play a growing role in energy, and many work on their effective integration. While “RE integration” implies that the system is still based on fossils, our common goal of a renewable energy (RE) systems means that RE must dominate. When invited to give a lunch talk to IEA analysts, Easy Smart Grid decided to present a roadmap right through the future where fossils will only play a marginal role, and derive the requirements on smart technology from this. The key to RE dominated systems is cost efficient energy storage, which requires a smart and fast market. Smart ICT should specifically enable demand side flexibility and also be efficient, robust and cost effective by itself:

  •  Minimize total storage cost by efficient flexibility use (generation, consumption, storage).
  • Implement smart markets with high performance (resiliency, stability, data/cyber protection, simplicity) and low cost (CAPEX and OPEX).
  • Harvest low hanging fruit today (attractive conversion potential already available).

Download the presentation here

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