Storage as a vector for the energy transition


The German-French Office for the Energy Transition (DFBEW) organized a conference on the importance of storage as a vector for flexibility of the energy transition on 25 Sept. 2019. It included an exhibition of innovative energy storage projects and was organized jointly with the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy Industry Baden-Wuerttemberg. Our project SoLAR is supported by the latter and demonstrated smart sector coupling to create "virtual battery storage" and achieve highly cost-efficient results.

Over 100 participants discussed storage technologies including hydropower, heat, hydrogen and batteries at this Franco-German exchange at the representative office of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Berlin. Most agreed that several technologies are needed and demand side flexibility will play an important role. To fully leverage the potential of each of these technologies, Easy Smart Grid presented its approach and solution to orchestrate them for a successful energy transition.

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