Our Approach

We have a clear view on how to organize a Climate Friendly Energy System

“Today, the penetration of renewables is no longer a question of technology or economics but one of developing more flexible markets and smarter energy systems. Thus, the policy focus should be on transforming power grids to become more flexible, increasing demand-side integration, and integrating power systems with transport, buildings, industry, and heating and cooling sectors, with the support of regulations, business, and finance models.”
(REN21: Renewable 2014 – Global Status Report – Key Findings. 2014, p12.)

Easy Smart Grid develops a performant, secure, robust and cost efficient technology to make grid more flexible. It combines two proven principles to achieve a combination of performance and cost matched by no other known solution: 

  • The economic principle: Variable prices ensure the balance of production and consumption.

  • The engineering principle: Production/consumption imbalance change grid frequency.

Easy Smart Grid's coding technology to send, transmit, receive and interpret variable electricity prices make real time energy management easy.

  • If energy price is high (frequency is low),
  • then try to reduce or shift demand, or increase production
  • If energy price is low (frequency is high),
  • then try to increase demand, reduce or shift production

Optimal decisions by each grid user also lead to lowest cost on the system level.