Electrical equipment

 Electrical equipment can have more added value with "Smart Grid on a Chip". Better than anybody else, you know the energy flexibility – and its limits – of the equipment you produce. We support you in offering an attractive new feature to your customers: a “virtual battery”. This real eco-friendliness pays for the environment by more RE, and your customer by lower energy cost.

Co-operation with high potential

An “Easy Smart Grid” empowered appliance will respond automatically to energy availability by adequately adapting its electricity consumption pattern. This energy flexibility can be used without its owner’s active intervention, and does not have any negative effects on the appliance’s normal operation. The more such flexibility can be used, the higher the financial and environmental benefit. Easy Smart Grid establishes partnerships with companies from different areas:

  • Household appliances
  • Heat pumps and cooling compressors
  • CHP (Combined Heat and Power) generation
  • E-Mobility