Industry Aplication

Industrial flexibility is a key enabler of energy system transformation, as it can support market growth of renewable energy (RE) and at the same time reduce energy cost.

Industrial Flexibility

Flexibility potential can be harvested by intelligent heating, cooling, pumping (water, oil or other liquids, compressed air), or by shifting transport, assembly, machining, deformation, casting and charging processes to other times. Around 50% of industrial energy consumption has flexibility potential that can be harvested.

Value Proposition

Energy cost and energy flexibility become increasingly relevant for manufacturing companies. Innovative energy management as provided by Easy Smart Grid ensures that production and energy objectives do not collide. Industry can thus benefit from flexibility, cost savings and improved security of supply:

  • Cost-effective integration of own energy generation (Off-grid/On-grid)
  • Limiting peak loads (peak shaving) and adherence to previously agreed profiles
  • Provision of paid flexibility to grid

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