Island electricity

Renewables can reduce energy cost of islands and isolated grids today: Replacing fossil energy (Diesel or Heavy Fuel Oil) by solar or wind reduces cost and carbon emissions by at least 100 € and around one ton of CO2 per MWh. Islands can thus move to clean energy with low investment and short breakeven time.

Growing PV and wind installations require advanced grid management in response to their volatility. Easy Smart Grid lowers energy storage cost for balancing and profile matching by enabling to shift electric car charging or cooling compressor operation to times when energy is abundant.

Island challenges and opportunities

Isolated system operators rely on themselves and robust technology to reliably serve their customers. Fortunately, transformation to renewable energy is very attractive for them for several reasons:

  • RE means lower cost and fewer emissions
  • Local added value replaces import dependence
  • More stable and resilient electricity supply by diversification of energy and flexibility sources

Value Proposition

Easy Smart Grid allows integrating more RE, enhancing grid stability and reducing energy cost. This migration can be done step by step in a continuous improvement cycle: more flexibility becomes available and more renewable energy can be used, and so on. Generation cost and green-house gas emissions fall continuously, implementation risk and investments remain low and easy to control.

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