Local energy suppliers/grid operators

Distribution grid operators and municipal utilities have a particular challenge with the transformation from few large power plants to a decentralised regenerative energy landscape with many local generators and new consumers (e.g. sector coupling with electro mobility and heating) . At the same time they can benefit from transformation together with their citizens.

Grid challenges and opportunities

The transformation of the energy system has reached a new level, with challenges and opportunities for all energy actors, including:

  • Sector coupling for faster decarbonisation and ample low cost energy storage
  • Expansion of grid infrastructure to electrify fossil applications
  • Improved resilience against black-outs and cyber-attacks

Really smart solutions will guarantee security of supply and stable operation, and also help to avoid massive expansion of network and energy storage capacity. The objective of Easy Smart Grid is to support a smooth transition at lowest total cost.

Value Proposition

Easy Smart Grid supports distribution network operators, municipal and district utilities in setting up intelligent platforms and realize the following benefits:

  • Maximize the use of self-generated renewable and volatile energy
  • Optimize local balancing of supply and demand, and thus minimize the need to expand the connection with higher grid levels
  • Minimize cost for upgrading the community distribution network (for capacity, storage, information and communication technology)

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