CEPS Workshop on Digitalisation in Energy, Brussels


Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) is a leading ​think tank and ​forum for debate on EU affairs. Easy Smart Grid has close contacts to CEPS and has been invited to contribute to the first Workshop on Digitalisation in Energy in Brussels. For companies and consumers to reap all the benefits of digitalisation in energy, a future-proof regulatory framework is needed to make sure that existing operators can adapt their business models, that start-ups and tech companies are attracted to the energy sector and that real incentives for innovative solution-providers are created. Digitalisation of energy is poised to be at the centre of EU energy policymaking in 2018/2019 and in the coming legislative term. The first Workshop on the Digitalisation of Energy addressed key questions and thereby assisted the European Commission in defining an agenda to support market opportunities as well as avoiding threats on the energy system as a substantial backbone of modern societies. Easy Smart Grid demonstrated how maximum energy safety as well as minimum energy cost can be achieved by introducing a real time price market based on grid state variables.

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