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    Third best European Startup
    in Smart Energy!
    Easy Smart Grid has been nominated as third best European Startup
    in Smart Energy in the EIT ICT Idea Challenge in October 2014.
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    Easy Smart Grid
    Enables a real-time market for electricity
    Increases the renewable energy share and lowers the electricity cost

Easy Smart Grid in a nutshell

Easy Smart Grid develops smart grid technology that can integrate more (fluctuating) renewable energy. It creates a market platform where energy producers and consumers can exchange energy and flexibility. Easy Smart Grid promises a simple, robust and affordable solution to activate all Demand Side Management potential (i.e. low cost storage) in electric grids.

In a nutshell, Easy Smart Grid:

  • Matches supply and demand at any time, leverages low cost energy storage and enables the use of more volatile renewables (from sun or wind),
  • Provides a simple interface for all grid users and ensures fair reward for flexibility,
  • Has a fully de-central arquitecture without a complex and expensive communication infrastructure, improves system availability and customer data protection.

Our offer

Industry Aplication

Local energy suppliers and grid operators
Island electricity

Flexible electrical equipment