Easy Smart Grid in Regional Energy Cluster


If internationally agreed climate goals are to be met, CO2 emissions must be reduced to zero very soon. This requires action where people live and work, not only legal acts by governments. The region around Karlsruhe (Germany) as one of the European IT leaders decided to combine climate action and IT competence in defining an energy strategy.

Such regional clusters allow to combine forces of the three major sectors to be decarbonized, namely electricity (mainly coal), buildings (mainly gas) and traffic (mainly oil). This "sector coupling" promises access to much needed energy flexibility, but also requires actors to leave their historic "silo's". Regional professional networks, smart cross-sectoral energy management, local markets and pilots to drive the energy transformation are the subject of events, workshops and project groups started by an "Energy Market Place" held on July 5. Our part: how to make smart energy easy: presentation (in German).

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