Our advantages

Easy Smart Grid provides an even playing field for all energy actors

Easy Smart Grid leverages all flexibility in the grid by enabling real time trading for all actors with hardly any market entry barrier. Its real time prices reflect all relevant aspects such as generation volatility and cost, energy productivity and customer requirements on comfort, flexibility and control.

Our customers enjoy the unique benefits of the Easy Smart Grid solution:

  • Minimize ICT investment and transaction cost (no extra communication network)
  • Robust and secure operation (data privacy and cyber protection, resilience against component failure)
  • Trading platform for flexibility of any size, type and duration (from seconds to days ahead)
  • Minimized storage investment (as customer flexibility is optimally used)
  • Future proof (designed for migration to 100% renewables)
  • Immediate financial return and reduced energy cost today in islands and isolated grids (massive savings on fuel cost and emissions)