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    100% Renewables for Islands and Micro Grids
    Electricity from sun and wind is already cheaper.
    Smart grids finally make fossils obsolete.
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    Easy Smart Grid
    We develop solutions to make energy systems more flexible
    based on innovative technology for higher shares of renewables and lower cost

100% Renewables for Islands and Micro Grids

Isolated grids are widely used where energy must be made available quickly or transmission line cost would be prohibitive. Cellular concepts for innovative decentral and resilient energy supply also are built upon micro grids that can operate in islanded mode. They usually include Diesel- or gas-operated plants as grid formers that cause high fuel cost and GHG emissions. In those applications, renewable sources enable large cost savings and high energy availability even when electrical or logistics connections are cut. If existing energy flexibility in water supply, heating/cooling and other processes with temporal flexibility is used or even increased for efficient grid operation, energy cost and GHG emissions can be substantially reduced without large investment in (battery) storage. Smart operation of island and micro grids thus is an attractive investment with positive climate effect.

Our offer

Our technology enables a step-by-step implementation of an energy management platform for islands and micro grids that allows efficient and resilient system operation with very high shares of renewables and low investments. It is based on highly dynamic end customer tariffs that are simple to implement and reward customers in a fair and transparent manner for the (ideally automated) provision of flexibility. We contribute to their implementation by

  • Analysis of potential, implementation concept and planning
  • Provision of necessary technology (system design, algorithms for automated load shifting)
  • Transfer of know-how to operators of island systems/micro grids, and their preferred partners (licensing)
  • Access to complementary competences (simulation, components) in our partner network

Your benefits

  • Step-wise implementation with growing share of renewables and – by principle – unlimited number of flexibilities that can be integrated
  • Combination of highest efficiency and resilience resulting in low cost and high availability of energy
  • High local added value within and through the energy system
  • Short term POI and long-term sustainability


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