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Simplifying Smart Grid - Easy Smart Grid input at the EUPVSEC Conference in Amsterdam

Thomas Walter had the opportunity to present Easy Smart Grid and its benefit regarding the simplification of current smart grid concepts during the workshop co-organized by the IEA and EPIA, the European PV Industry Association.

Participants to this event came from all Europe and covered the entire scope of self-consumption business models, from bank to technology driven companies.

The global PV community gathered in Amsterdam to conduct business, network, present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in photovoltaics. 48% of the participants at the EU PVSEC 2014 were R&D specialists and 38% came from the segment industry and engineering, with another 6% from the system integration and energy supply. 3,000 PV professionals from 76 countries attended the Conference, whose program covered the entire scope of PV technologies and applications.
EU PVSEC 2014 highlighted the impact that the growth of PV will have on our overall energy system. The strong growth expectation, expressed in the International Energy Agency (IEA) roadmap for PV, supports the confidence in the technological development. It also makes it crystal clear that PV needs to become an integral part of our total energy system.
PV has been deploying faster than anticipated. During EUPVSEC 2014 the IEA presented its Renewable Market Report forecasting PV to reach 2% of global electricity generation before 2019. The IEA also announced the latest long-term PV Technology Roadmap showing that by 2050 up to 16% of world electricity supply could be delivered by PV, compared with the 11% share indicated in the original 2010 roadmap. Installed cumulative PV capacity would grow to more than 4,600 GW, providing around 6,300 TWh.

More information on the conference on EUPVSEC website.

Link to the presentation hold by Thomas Walter.

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