More Autonomy

Smart Grid helps to integrate more renewable energy and increase autonomy

As renewable energy becomes a day to day experience, citizens and companies aim to maximize the share of self and – possibly onsite - produced energy. Reasons are economics (savings on grid electricity), political (support for greener world), emotional (autonomy and independence) or a combination. Energy pioneers run independent energy zones.

Producing energy to cover average consumption is easy as long as the grid provides flexibility by absorbing surplus energy and returning it at other times. Autonomy for every second of the year without grid flexibility is much more challenging, such that “independent” zones also rely on grid connection. The necessary investment in batteries, smart grid, or both are today's barrier to disconnect from the grid.

Easy Smart Grid technology mobilizes alternative flexibility that increases autonomy and works with partners on roadmaps for more autonomous area grids. In the library you will find a white paper: Self balancing of mini and area grids giving more insight in motivation, benefits and approach.