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    Climate friendly companies and infrastructure
    Intelligent energy management enables the use of more renewable energy and
    improves profitability, sustainability and your image.
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    Easy Smart Grid
    Enables a real-time market for electricity
    Increases the renewable energy share and lowers the electricity cost

Climate friendly companies and infrastructure

Solar modules on the roof and CHP in the basement are a good start, yet sustainable and efficient energy supply requires consumption to adapt to the generation patterns of renewables. Existing energy management can only integrate few flexibilities and serve traditional business models. Intelligent use of all flexibilities in buildings (heat, cold), the supply of air, water and other media (ventilators, pumps), or charging of electric vehicles and many other processes with temporal flexibility creates added value for operator and the environment – with lower investments as existing potential is utilized.

Our offer

Sustainable energy supply is increasingly becoming a success factor for planners, suppliers, owners and operators of commercial and industrial companies or infrastructure providers. Our technology enables optimal operation beyond different energy uses and business actors.

  • Integrated approach for all applications replaces silo solutions (heating, charging)
  • Identification of potential and stepwise implementation of intelligent energy management
  • Transfer of know-how and experience from R&D and demonstration projects
  • Provision of Easy Smart Grid technology (software, license)
  • Technology transfer to suppliers, system integrators and operators

“At the “Greener Manufacturing Show 2021” in Cologne Easy Smart Grid was invited to detail how smart energy management enables the transition of industry to “net zero” and a mutually beneficial new partnership between green energy and industry. Download the presentation here

Your benefits

  • Optimal coordination of an unlimited number of flexibilities during operation
  • Simple migration and adaptation to various objectives and business models (peak shaving, self-consumption, grid support)
  • Productivity always has priority and specific process know-how does not need to be disclosed
  • Use of market mechanisms allows transparent and fair allocation of benefits
  • Can be integrated into existing energy management systems



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