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    The challenge: climate friendly living quarters
    “Sector coupling” increases the need for electricity and creates
    opportunities to use more renewables
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    Easy Smart Grid
    We develop solutions to make energy systems more flexible
    based on innovative technology for higher shares of renewables and lower cost

The challenge: climate friendly living quarters

The energy transformation has been initiated and is pushed further by citizens installing rooftop PV, such that former energy consumers become prosumers. In the next step, heating and mobility are decarbonized by installation of CHP, heat pumps and growing shares of electric vehicles. This “sector coupling” increases the need for electricity and creates opportunities to use more renewables. It also places substantial flexibility at the disposal of prosumers that can serve as low cost “virtual batteries” for the energy system: Energy from local PV is stored thermally via heat pumps for water and house heating, or in electric vehicle batteries, reducing electric load when the sun is not shining. Sharing these resources within larger communities multiplies their benefits, so local energy communities (LECs) are forming in neighbourhoods, housing associations and newly developed climate friendly quarters. Their growth is supported by political climate goals and programs such as the EU Clean Energy Package.

Our Offer

Community and business actors developing and running LECs create even higher value if they succeed in matching generation and consumption profiles: This determines economies of operation and whether they put strain on or rather support the electric grid. Easy Smart Grid develops the technology needed to coordinate all flexibilities in a local energy community. It uses market mechanisms for simple integration of existing flexibility with fully decentral management. It creates maximum financial benefits for the community and distributes them fairly and transparently. We offer our know-how to implement algorithms for price-based load shifting and create local markets that efficiently manage the assets of local energy communities, based on our development and demonstration work in that area. We also help building organisations able to effectively develop and replicate such efficient systems.


  • Cost-optimized coordination of an unlimited number of participants
  • Active support of distribution grid and reduced need for grid extensions
  • Use of existing communication and processing infrastructure
  • Technology transfer to equipment suppliers maximizes performance and minimizes cost
  • Already compatible with future dynamic electricity tariffs and energy system modularity 

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